6 Gift Ideas for Your Mother This Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be half as merry if it weren’t for the gifts that were exchanged. The gift-giving ritual started when the three wise men or magi brought baby Jesus gifts in the manager. These gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 


As kids, we expectantly waited for Christmas and the arrival of Santa with gifts- and now we know it has always been our mothers. So, what do we give our real-life Santa?



Christmas Gifts To Buy For Your Mother

Buying gifts for our mothers is easier said than done- because firstly, they go, “why have you wasted money” and secondly, what do you gift your life-giver, what can be more precious?


We have conjured up a list of Christmas gift ideas for mothers.



1. A set of bowls


Mothers and kitchen are synonymous- so, this, we can guarantee as a safe choice. She can never have enough bowls, and we can ensure that these marble bowls will be the pride of her cutlery cabinet and will be brought out only on special occasions.


The Surreal Marble-Effect Cereal Bowls (Set of 6) by The Artment is an optimal choice for this category of gift. A set of 6 bowls is available for ₹1999- elegant serve ware that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!


2. Spa date


After the festive fever dies down, her body will pine for some pampering. Gift your mother a spa date- a full day of pampering. While she gets a massage done, she will for sure be smiling at your thoughtfulness.



3. Wine glasses


Gift your mother a bottle of bubbly- white or red wine, as per her taste and not yours and these special glasses. Raising a toast with your mom has a different feeling- you can plan an exclusive girls’ night and sneak in a blanket and stream your favorite Christmas movie or simply catch up on the good old conversation. 


We often don’t get enough time to sit and chat with our parents in our fast-paced world.

We suggest Enchanted Rose Glasses by The Artment. A set of 2 glasses is available for ₹2099..


4. Upholstery


Remember how she would keep all the white linen and upholstery away from your reach as a child. Well, hopefully, now that you are grown up and won’t be spilling food on her cushion covers, you can gift your mother these beautiful and kitschy Macrame cushion covers.


These look exquisite and elegant and are soft to touch, and will help liven up your living room. If you have dark furniture or a sofa, then these cushions will be the perfect companion to them!



5. Cook for your mother


Christmas lunches are a family affair, and who is the one person cooking those delectable meals- momma dearest. So, why don’t you take responsibility for the entire meal and at least a few courses this time?


Cooking along with your mother can be a beautiful experience, and she will appreciate the help and the company.


6. Wall Decor


Okay- so this a no-brainer- women love decorating their homes, in general! Irrespective of their age, if you give them a home decor item, you are sure to win a few brownie points and christmas brownies as well, in this case. These regal wall art available in a variety of colors can lift the vibe of any room.



You can gift her a single piece and choose from any three colors: blue, white, and gold at ₹1999 apiece. If you are feeling particularly indulgent or you have been a “naughty child” and your budget permits, then you can gift your mom the set of 3, priced at ₹5499.



Gifts do not always mean something expensive, and the thought behind it matters.


The Artment is currently running some amazing offers on all its products, so you can pick some of these beautiful and hand-crafted pieces at a much lesser price.


When you buy something at a discount- you know mom loves it the best!


Have a very Merry Christmas!

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