5 Ways to Make the Best out of a Small Living Room!

We’ve decided to change things up for this week!

Instead of you having just one room that you can be yourself in, we’re going to tell you how you can design a living room to your liking.

And hey, just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylized or something that you love.

Home decor is all about personalized living, isn’t it?

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!


  1. Weird Angles? No Problem!

If you live in an apartment that has weird shape, and maybe the corner of the living room isn’t really a corner, then you might feel confused, or even a little concerned. This awkward wall can be turned into the focal point of your home decor with just a few easy steps! And, well, one of the best ways to do so is by using a wallpaper or by painting it a bold color. You can then add picture frames or accents that anchor the look.

5 Ways to Make the Best out of a Small Living Room! 

Image Credit: Pinterest

  1. Lively Color

Anyone who has a smaller living room than your average size, then you the struggle of it looking like a dull old space. Of course, you can paint the walls white and add textures, but if you were to add some real flowers and plants? Depending on your location, you can pick tulips, daffodils, or bonsai.


5 Ways to Make the Best out of a Small Living Room!

 Image Credit; Pinterest

Pair these small plants in out newest collection of terracotta pots and see how your space immediately becomes livelier and happier!

The Artment x Rivaayat Collection





  1. Choose the Right Sofa

The narrower the living room, the narrower your sofa will have to be. It might be tough to find the right one, but picking out a delicate sofa can be a game changer. One that will beautifully line up against the wall and is long, if perfect for this kinda small living room. In an ideal situation, you want to ensure that the upholstery is a lighter shade so that the room doesn’t feel too dark.

 5 Ways to Make the Best out of a Small Living Room!

  1. White-on-White

Although you may not be on board with the idea of painting your living room entirely white, it’s something that should be considered. They’re super calming and create an elegant look for a living that is as tiny as yours. To add some character into your home decor you can throw in a couple of textures, colors, and accents. These could include a bunch of cushions, a rug, or houseplants.

5 Ways to Make the Best out of a Small Living Room!

Image Credit: Pinterest

The Artment has some awesome cushions you can add to your white-on-white decor.


  1. Upgrade the Box

As much of a pain it is to have an angled wall, the same can be said about a box of a home. It get’s boring pretty quickly. So, to change it up, and bring a little unique touch into your home decor you might want to add a feature wall. This feature wall could either be something like:





What say?

Are you ready to bring in some bold changes to your otherwise small living room?

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