5 Ways to Make an Ideal Minimally Style Living Room!

You probably spend a lot of time in your living room nowadays, considering the whole work from home situation.

So, you’re bound to see the mess, aesthetics, decor, and all those things we call important, almost all the time!

In case you chill in your bedroom, that’s a different ballgame we’ll address later!

For the time being, we wanted to talk to your about creating a minimalistic decor for your living room. There are a lot of elements that you want to be taking care of.

You can find the basic idea of the art form right here and then continue reading about the general minimalistic home decor points as well.

For those who are here solely to know how to achieve that peace and calming sense of decor in your living space, here we go!


  1. Ground Yourself

So what if you live on the 14th floor of an apartment that touches the sky? You can always make sure that your living room is the perfect minimal style with organic forms and earthy colors. Think about creative ideas! A coffee table that’s on the ground with a rug. Pair this arrangement with some throw pillows as seats and a couple of ottomans to bring it all together!


Here is a small look into how the project will look!


Image Credit: Pinterest

Bohemian Sepia Cotton Cushion Set

Bohemian Sepia Cotton Cushion Set

Art Deco Mini Ottoman- Red

Art Deco Mini Ottoman- Red


Take these pictures and create mood board in your mind! You’ll see how amazing your minimal living room will look!


  1. Consider the Shapes

You must try to stick to as many simple shapes as possible. Now, this holds for larger objects that will pull focus towards them. Take for instance the The Connection Canvas from our printed canvas collection. The straight lines of this set of rectangular canvases shall beautifully work with your simple and organic sofas and a circular coffee table. If you have a window right next to where you’ll place the canvas, it’ll be merrier! The living room will have a soothing look!

The Connection Canvas


  1. Decorate with Nature

Who doesn’t love a breeze of fresh air, gushing into a room? Well, here’s the perfect way to ensure just that! Terracotta has been an Indian stable for centuries. It brings into the home earthiness, cool, and a lot of coziness. So, if you were to place around your living room some terracotta pots, water bottle, and of course, some indoor plants. Think about this way… A nice stand along show cabinet, adorned in green, paired with a couple of tea mugs and a wooden tray, all coming together in your minimal living room! Sounds a great plan to execute, right? Well, get to it then!

Minimalist Double Walled Illusion Glass - Set of 2

Minimalist Double Walled Illusion Glass


Minimalist Curve Wooden Serving Tray

Minimalist Curve Wooden Serving Tray


Checkout our Rivaayat Collection and make sure you include it in the different parts of your minimal home!

Rivaayat Terracotta Face Planter


  1. Keep an Eye of the Scale

If you want your living space to turn out to become the perfect minimally style space, then you must keep in mind that even the smallest room has the capability of becoming just that! If you were to go for a settee instead of a full-fledged and chunky sofa paired with a simple coffee table, you would have won half the battle right there. This, right here, would be the perfect setup to serve your guests a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Minimalist Spirit Double Walled Tea Mugs - Set of 2


  1. One Vibrant Accent

Even the most minimal decor can do away with a bold and happening accent. In fact, we’d support it! What you want to do is include the most basic, plain, and simple elements in your living room. Now, you could decide to swap any of these with that bold color, texture, or pattern. Say your bar cabinet is right there, along side a simple City of Lines Canvas, in your living room, you could add that accent with your bar platform and chairs.

City of Lines Canvas


Also, hey! Did you checkout the amazing barware options we have?

Do it now!


Also, if you can wait a bit, we’ll be releasing another blog related to a minimally style bedroom.


Until then, happy home decor to you!

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