5 Innovative Ways to Add a Statement Piece in Decor

Have you wanted to add something a little bold to your home decor?

Afraid of it being overpowering?

Hey, we got you!

We know how difficult it can be to make that one bold choice.

So here we are, bringing you an easy-to-follow guide on how to add a statement piece to your home decor.

We’d like you to understand the basics first and eliminate the scope of something going wrong.

5 Ways to Add a Statement Piece to Your Home Decor


What is a Statement Piece?

In simple words, anything that has the ability to anchor a room, create a distinct style for the rest of the decor, and is bold or eye-catching, can be called a statement piece.

This statement piece might become the talk of a casual evening with friends, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Here’s the deal, though… It is always great to have at least one statement piece in your home because it enhances your space. Some people have an inclination toward mirrors, some love armchairs, and others might be into statement lighting. Statement pieces are normally eye-catching and are the ones you see for the first time and remember you life time! 

Alright, let’s begin!


  1. Pick a Focal Point

You need to make a strategic decision while picking your focal point. Pick a spot from where your statement piece is immediately visible. Everything else in the room should be a little muted. If everything in your room is meant to make a statement, none of them will. Adding a piece of art to a white wall will certainly act as a focal point. 

Your statement piece could be where there’s a lot of natural light or right at the entrance. The item can be given focus with a spot light if natural light is lacking. It could also be placed right in the center of the room to really grab attention. 

 5 Ways to Add a Statement Piece to Your Home Decor

Our Aqua Mosaic Mirror is a one-of-a-kind attraction. The detailing on the mirror and the color used are sure to become the best statement piece ever!


  1. Use Patterns

Your statement piece might be patterned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should shy away from using other patterns with it. The rule to follow here is to pair large and bold patterns with small and subtle patterns. Do you know how they say opposites attract? Yes! That’s the kind of balance you want here. You can definitely play around with different patterns to make your place more appealing.  

5 Ways to Add a Statement Piece to Your Home Decor


  1. Create A Mixture

Listen to us! When we say create a mixture, we want you to think about it, not just add random elements. The type of furniture, its material, design, etc. along with the colors, should all be well thought of. Try to create a mix of organic patterns with a little bit of geometry. Or use dark colors with a lighter palate. You’ll find that this will make your room very interesting to be in.


5 Ways to Add a Statement Piece to Your Home Decor


We recommend you pair our Bohemian Chic Kilim Cushions with a simpler yet elegant Minimalist Aurelia Indoor Planter. Both these products will create an epic vibe, something you didn’t know was missing!

  1. To Match or Not to Match Colors

There are two ways of going about deciding the color scheme of your home decor. First, you can pick out the main color and then pick shades of the same color for all the other elements of your room. This will ensure that your room looks held together. And the second option is to pick neutral tones that will create a beautiful contrast effect. Here, you can be confident that your statement piece will stand out with its bold colors against neutral colors. It totally depends on your preference, both look great!


5 Ways to Add a Statement Piece to Your Home Decor


  1. Plan Scale Wise

One of the most important things to consider when adding a statement piece is to keep in mind the scale of your piece vs the other items in the room. If you pair an extremely large piece with something really small, it’ll look out of place. The entire room will come out looking disproportionate.


5 Ways to Add a Statement Piece to Your Home Decor


Adding a statement piece might seem like a daunting task… But it really is not.

And now that you’re read this blog, you’ll be able to begin the design process with a clearer mind. Your home can be lightened with even the smallest of accents. 

You can also check out tips from another one of our blogs on how to make your home look like an Interior Designer designed it.

We certainly hope your home decor is elevated by considering our tips for adding a statement piece.

Good luck!

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