5 Easy Ways to Creating a Beautiful Living + Dining Room

Our open space plans encourage us to live in way that works perfectly to create a beautiful combination of a living space and a dining space.

It’s a great way to entertain guests and accommodate a large group of family or friends.

Here’s the catch.

You want to place the furniture as cleverly as possible. There must a sense of flow, use of right accessories, and a balance throughout the entire space.

The one thing you want to do is pick a harmonious color palette. It’s really going to help with the overall look of your living + dining room decor!

Now, let’s get onto the details!


  1. Fun and Chic

The open floor plan, when filled with furniture, should still feel open and spacious. If you’re going to use an L-shaped sofa, then make sure that it does not become overwhelming. The lights in both of these spaces should be visually appealing, and if not the same, at least similar looking. It creates a harmonious look. A chunky sofa should be paired with an otherwise delicate dining table, or vice versa. Add a bunch of accessories to your space, one similar textures and tones, and you’ll see your living + dining space come together beautifully.

 Creating a Beautiful Living + Dining Room 

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  1. Keeping It Simple

If you have a small space where you’re supposed fit in a decent living room and want a separate space to eat and chill, you might want to keep your furniture super light. A straight, two or three-seater sofa, combined with maybe (MAYBE) one armchair should be sufficient for the living space. Leave the side that connects to the dining space open for easy circulation. As for the dining space, you could either have a small table and two chairs, or go the classic way but keep it minimal.

 Creating a Beautiful Living + Dining Room 

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Lacking space does not mean you can’t accommodate people. Check out our Pouffes and Ottoman Collection!


  1. Light Palette

As we mentioned before, it is a must to have a harmony between colors that run through your living + dining space. Ideally, you should only use a couple of tones and play with them for the entire decor. This could be the subtle combination of blue and white, blush pink and emerald green, or gray and mint green. Now the darker shade of the two should be used for your furniture, throw pillows, or rugs, while the softer shade should be used to paint walls or cover the majority of your living + dining decor.

Creating a Beautiful Living + Dining Room 

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It is in these kinds of spaces that elements like our Minimalist Aurelia Indoor Planter work their magic!


  1. A Minimal Look

Here’s a superb way to create a minimal look without compromising on the exceptional quality of a living + dining decor. By using a combination of two light and subtle colors is going to create a minimal look for your space right away! Once that has been figured out then all you’re left to do is plan the furniture and accessories. The reason this step is easy is because there won’t be much to add! Right?

 Creating a Beautiful Living + Dining Room 

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  1. The Enigmatic Look

No no, you won’t be living in the dark with surprises around every corner. We’re just trying to say that you could go for something that creates a sense of mystery and uniqueness. Take a look at this decor. Soft ambient lights combined with a low seated dining space combined with a living room space lifted higher. They sense of levels creates a

Creating a Beautiful Living + Dining Room

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 Sound like a good few tips?


Happy Home Decorating to You!

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