Barware Gift Ideas - 5 Unique Bar And Drinking Gifts For Home Bar

5 Barware Gift Ideas for Home Bar

The festive season is right around the corner. Are you ready with the list of what you will gift your friends and family?

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Festivals are a great time to gift your friends and family a variety of gifts. One easy way to figure out a perfect gift is to remember if they mentioned something in passing to you. 

It could be something like, “I sure would love those glasses for my home bar” or “Look at that painting, wouldn’t it look fantastic on my wall?”. Make a list of gifts your loved ones want or would like. 

One category of classy gifts is barware. The Artment has brought a well-curated barware range to help solve your gifting needs. 

We bring you some of the best barware accessories gift ideas that suit both cocktail and mocktail lovers.




Glass sets as a premium gift are a no-brainer. Any seasoned drinker that has a home bar is well-versed with the importance of having a variety of bar glasses. 


Some of the Artment best-sellers are Tip-Toe Shell Drinking Glass, Deux Luxury Flute Glass, Swan's Love Cocktail Glass, Minimalist Mushroom Clear Glass, and Enchanted Rose Drinking Glass.


Decanters are containers that hold a large amount of your drink for regular drinkers or a long drinking session. 


While glasses are an obvious choice, not many people know that decanters are used by mocktail and cocktail drinkers alike. The Artment has a range of decanters and decanter and glass sets for you to choose from to make a classy gift.



Serving Trays

Serving trays are an essential barware accessory that tends to slip from people’s minds often. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. 

We offer a wide range of serving trays that will solve all your serving issues. 

While gifting serving trays might feel incomplete on its own. You can always couple it with another barware essential to make an exclusive and useful gift.



Barware Kit

A quality barware kit consists of all the barware essentials. These include but are not limited to a muddler, a jigger, a Cocktail shaker and strainer, bar spoon, corkscrew, bottle opener, ice bucket, and an ice scoop.

You can mix and match these essentials as per your budget to create a gift they will appreciate receiving.




Decor For Home Bar

People tend to overlook this but how your bar is decorated is essential to setting the vibe of the space.

The bar decorations can include quality wall art that makes a statement. Also, add an artifact for the counter that can accessorize the space. 


A fancy bottle holder is optional but can add an innovative factor to your bar. Lastly, a show cabinet for your artistic barware that can complete the look of your home bar. 


Now that we have given you a list of gift items that you can choose from, what's the holdup? 

Start your festive shopping today!

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