4 Ways of Incorporating the WOW Factor in Your Home

Do you live in a house or a home?

There’s a fine line in both of these places on paper. In reality, although, there’s a lot of difference.

A house can be any space that you’ve occupied for your survival. Living inside the four walls to keep yourself safe from heat, rain, and animals.

On the other hand, a home is a place that makes you feel happy, the elements inside the four walls mean something more to you than their sheer use. The home decor items that you have invested in should also be making you happy, and starting conversations.


Well… You knew that, right?


So, if a home does not have a wow factor (something that is surprising and induces happiness), then what can be done to change that? No matter how small or big your home is, you want to have a wow factor that draws eyes and gets the conversation going.

Plus, you know it makes you happy, so there’s that!


Alright! Now let’s get into the real deal of how to bring the wow factor into your home, whether it’s with luxury furniture or something else!


  1. The Connection

Not everybody can have a huge house that connects to a vast garden, but if you do, you might want to create a symphony by creating large windows and doors to let nature into your home! Let’s that you live in an apartment, then you can simply add multiple plants inside your home and have a makeshift garden in the balcony! It’s not like most of us use it anyway.




Buy home decor online from the Artment and find a bunch of cool garden pots and watering can made of terracotta for a simpler life! Checkout the Artment x Rivaayat Collection, right now!


  1. Quality over Anything Else

No matter what you decide to buy for your home, make sure that it has been made with care and precision. You want to invest in items that are quality. The piece should last you years and ideally, it should be something you wouldn’t get tired of looking at. The materials used in the item along with its compatibility with your home is essential.




Here’s a wow factor we recommend you have in your home, the Cosmos and Chaos Canvas.


  1. Colors and Textures

The absolute best way to ensure that you have a wow factor in your home is to have artistic furniture or decor items that flaunt amazing textures and colors! The rest of your space can be relatively subtle, no worries. It’s the couple of things you want to speak volumes! In fact, even if you just want to add pastel colors, it works, they don’t have to be loud or bold colors to do the job. The same goes for textures as well. Simple textures work as much as loud, bold, and in your face ones do.


Image Credit: HomeBNC


  1. Artworks and Paintings

To be honest, if you invest in a painting or a sculpture, you’re not going to regret it. There are so many artists out there with gorgeous artworks that will leave people speechless! Investing in an expensive piece, or one that you have come to love will change up the entire look and feel of the space. Artworks tend to generate emotions in us that we might not have experienced otherwise, on a regular day.



A suggestion: Amidst the Mountain Mist in Acrylic Wall Art


There you have it.

Apart from luxury furniture, these tips should help you create that wow factor in your home that you always wanted!


You could always decide to begin with small changes and then move on to the bigger ones, especially the expensive ones. Go at your own pace, and pick out things that work for your home, your space, and your taste.


There’s not sure for sure way to go about home decor.


Happy Home Decor to You!

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