4 Tips on How to Design a Perfectly Scaled Dining Room

Well, since we’ve already given you some tips on the design and decor part of the dining space, we thought it was time to talk numbers.

Numbers in terms of getting that right scale for your dining space.

A chunky table and feeble chairs in a giant room might not be the right way to go about designing your dining space.

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This would also apply to the home decor items you decide to include into this space. It is in group effort that you will see a space coming together. Each element should stand for itself but also come together in favor of the space when needed.


So, depending on the size of your home and whether or not you decide to hire someone to do the job, you want a dining room that looks good and speaks volumes. Buy home decor online when you’ve gotten the design part sorted.

Let’s get into it.


  1. The Table

Modern furniture or not, you must make the decision of buying a round table or a rectangular one. If you’re someone who loves intimate gatherings and hosting dinners for close family and friends, you must go for a round table. They also fit perfectly into spaces that are not designated dining rooms, rather an extension of the kitchen.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes to entertain large groups of people, or have a large family in general, a rectangular dining table would work better. The accents on this table could be something that match your living space or the kitchen.


You could extend the set of the Surreal Explosion Round Canvas digital wall art prints from the living into the dining space.


  1. The Rug

Ignore this point if you’re not a rug person. But if you are then mind the size of the rug against your table. Finding a rug that scales according to your dining table is important. Your modern home decor might look incomplete or messy without it. Get the exact measurement of your dining table. Now, when you go to find the rug you want to add to your space, add 2 feet onto each side of that measurement. This will help you in buying a rug that is of an optimal size, ensuring your dining space look put together.


To match with your rug and other decor you could buy a beautiful crockery set for special occasions. Take a look at the tableware options on the Artment!


  1. No Blocks

You know how there are times when people crash into each other or don’t have the space to get in and out of their chair at tables? Yeah, we don’t want that for your home! So, what you want to do is leave at least 36 inches between the edge of your dining table and the wall or any other furniture in the room. This will help a bit, if we’re being honest. If you really want it to work then change that 36 inches to 45 and voila! You’ve got everything working perfectly! No more spilled dinner or drinks on or near your modern furniture!


Since there’s no more blocking, it’s time to think about wallpapers! You want something bright and lively and yet something a bit subtle to enhance that wall near your dining table. How about the Leafy Loop Printed Textured Mural Wallpaper?


  1. Add Layers

Talking about layers and actually adding layers are two different things. Flat surfaces might not be as appealing as you’d like them to be. So, in order to counter this, you want to bring in your home decor items and layer them as best as you can. If you’re using framed mirrors and art work, you want to make sure that they’re proportionate. Nothing should be hiding the previous item and it should look like there’s some depth to it.


Here’s an idea to do this with your wall art and wall decor in general. The Art of Hanging Wall Art to the rescue!


To end this blog, we would like to talk about the dimensions of a table that would best suit in any dining space.

  • A 42″ round table can easily seat four people.
  • A 48″ round table can easily fit 4-6 people.
  • A 60″ round table can easily have between 6-8 people enjoy meals.
  • A 60″ oval dining table can easily seat up to 6 people.
  • A 97″ oval dining table can easily fit up to 8 people.
  • A 102″ oval dining table can easily have up to 8 people feal good.
  • A 120″ oval dining table can easily seat up to 12 people.


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Alright, so now that you have a hang of the basic measurements, you should be able to have a properly scaled dining room with the perfect modern furniture and home decor items.


Happy Home Decor to You!

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