2020 Color Trends to Keep an Eye On for Your Home Decor

A splash of color here and there does wonders in changing the look and feel of your home! So, if you have been planning on remodeling your home, but don’t know where to begin, then here’s a helping hand.

Repainting your walls and furniture is a great way to change things up, without emptying your pockets. If you’ve been scrolling through platforms like Pinterest, you’d know that home decor ideas are constantly evolving, creating more confusion than ever; there are just way too many options out there.

2020 Color Trends to Keep an Eye On for Your Home Decor

So, no matter what ideas you take up, or what trend you decide to go with, make sure that the new decor will fill your heart with joy.

Alright, now, let’s get down to talking color trends!

In this article, you’ll find color trends that will suit style preferences ranging from minimalist to extravagant, or traditional to modern, and everything else that lies in between. Choose your color palette based on your aesthetic preferences, inclination towards the types of furniture, and other décor ideas that excite you.

Create a list, make a plan, read this article, and then get to work!  

There are some latest wall color trends that you want to take a look at and select your favorites accordingly.

Here’s the list!


  1. Enjoy the Blues

Classic blue is known to instill calm, create a connection, and boost confidence. In fact, even Pantone, the most trusted color swatch guide, agrees! If you look at the sky during dusk, this is the hue you might see. It has some amazing qualities and is associated with resilience, stability, and introspection. Apart from this, the classic blue interior color is built to stick around for a long time. This is one color that might never go out of trend.

2020 Color Trends to Keep an Eye On for Your Home Decor

Decor Idea: A wall painted Classic Blue can be perfect for multiple things! Want to hang your most adored paintings and artwork? You got it! How about placing industrial style furniture against it? You know it’ll work!


  1. In the Aura of Coral

The brightness of this shade and the glory of its color palette might as well have it become the color of the year! Coral is the perfect mixture of pink and orange, which makes it a bold yet beautiful choice. The accent of this striking color will add a splash of life to your home interiors. Whether you want to use the color to create a statement wall, or plan your entire decor around it, the outcome shall be splendid.

Decor Idea: If you want to use Coral hues in your statement wall, you should check out The Artment’s Minimal Coral Floor Lamp. You’ll be surprised with the homely vibes this pair will give you. And if you want a more subtle look, then throw in some coral blush pillows with a grey couch and you’re all set!


  1. A Mystic Green

You’ll find in your search that a lot of colors have been working their way into the trending list every year. They are always in the “latest wall color” to be used list. This is because their function changes each year. During the ’90s, there was an uproar in the use of a color known as Hunter Green. Now, in 2020, and going forward, there will be an inclination toward Mystic Green.

2020 Color Trends to Keep an Eye On for Your Home Decor

The dark tones of green tend to create a look that is bold and subtle at the same time. Dab this green on an accent wall and watch how your space changes, and immediately lifts your mood!

Decor Idea: While using mystic green in the bathroom may sound like a silly idea, it will have a theatrical effect on your bathroom space. The green, combined with a blushed hue of pink, will bring out the accessories in your bathroom and give it that luxurious feel. These are known as harmonious colors, considering how well they work together.


  1. White on White

This trend can be considered to be one of the most loved and highly used trends. The idea of using white throughout your home might sound boring, but it’s far from that. A white backdrop provides you with an opportunity to layer your decor. In your research, you will find that moody white will be set against a modern white tone, which creates depth in the design. The color palette here creates a clean and modern looking home.

2020 Color Trends to Keep an Eye On for Your Home Decor

Decor Idea: When painting your walls white, you give yourself a lot of freedom to play with different colors in multiple places, all while keeping your home decor simple and classy. Your style can change from modern to bohemian in a split second, if you want. Here’s something that might appeal to your Bohemian taste; the Chic Gypsy Eye Cane Mirror.


  1. Earthy Clay

2020 is the year of bringing back earthy colors! Terracotta paint can be seen in various design trends and it is here to stay. The cool and calming effect of the color is what drives people to add clay paint to their list of home decor ideas and implement it. Terracotta is a neutral color that offers a serene look, making you feel close to nature.

2020 Color Trends to Keep an Eye On for Your Home Decor

Decor Idea: Since the concept behind using clay paint for your home is to make you feel closer to nature, you can incorporate plants in your design. Use the Minimalist Aurelia Indoor Planter for a chic effect. Along with that, you can add more elements with subtle colors, like blues and yellows, to enhance the ‘closer to nature’ look.

Oh, hey!

That’s the end of our list right here.

Hope these color trends help you in your journey in creating an amazing list of home decor ideas that you can implement in your home!

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