12 Foyer Decor Ideas You Should Know About!

You know how they say, “Make an impression in the first second.”

Well, you want your home to make that bang on first impression too, right?

So, your foyer decor must be done in a way that it is the only thing that will impress your guests.

And hey, that’s not the only reason either.

Your home is your haven. No matter which one of these foyer design ideas you decide to pick, make sure that it is something that goes with your personal style. That’s what home decor is all about.

You want to feel happy and satisfied with your decor when you step into your home.


Being a home decor website, we’ve got some ideas of how you can decorate your foyer.

Let’s dive right in!


  1. Bring in Some Table Accents

Table accents are a great way to change up the look of your foyer. They make a statement, and tend to break the blank space into parts. Since you’re decorating a foyer, you want to add a key bowl along with the table accent, and maybe a vase of fragrant and colorful flowers.


Take a look at the Artment’s Myra Gold Table Accent. It is a one-of-a-kind home decor item that is sure to break the monotonous feeling in the foyer.


12 Foyer Decor Ideas You Should Know About!


  1. Paint a Bold Color

Open your house with a statement! “We’re cool and trendy! We know what we’re doing!” Pick a color that matches with the rest of your home’s color scheme, and yet would be considered a bold choice. Let’s say your home is predominantly white, you could pick any color. But what if you’ve used a green palate? Well, you could easily opt for burnt orange. These two pair well together. For more details of color schemes, click here.


12 Foyer Decor Ideas You Should Know About!


There are a lot of ideas to pick when it comes to wall decor, whether it is done by using paint, plaster, or other art forms.


  1. Organization Oriented

One of the best and easiest way to ensure that your foyer looks good and is functional is to install some hooks, a bench, and some storage. All of this against a pretty white backdrop is the norm, but you can change things up and use colors like emerald, blush pink, or even a soft blue.




You know who can help out the most? Pantone


  1. A Breather Space

When you add the right kind of accessories to a space, you’ll see it come together effortlessly. You can create a space in your foyer that allows you to take a breath, slow down, and compose yourself. With an elegant console table, flowers, and a small mirror, you’re all set for a smooth entry and exit.


 12 Foyer Decor Ideas You Should Know About!

The blue tones and the mosaic pattern is apt for the living room too. So, if you ever want to change things up, we’ve got your home decor sorted!


  1. Elegant Light Fixture

If you don’t have a natural source of light in your foyer space, does not mean that it can’t be well lit. All you have to do is find the perfect light fixture and hang it. Wait, not so fast. Make sure that the lights aren’t too bright for the space, or that the length isn’t awkward. White lights work well with foyers, so keep this in mind as well.


12 Foyer Decor Ideas You Should Know About! 


  1. A Rustic Look

If you’re a fan of rustic decor as much as we are, you’ll love to have a foyer that shows this side of you. A couple of rustic pieces in the foyer, with a soft yellow light and you’re good to go. Our rustic deco lamps are worth a look. They’ll be a great home furnishing item when paired with your teak mirror, rug, and a cozy seat.


  1. Go the Classic Way

The classic way, i.e. using the subtle color combination of blue and white, goes a long way. Since this combination never goes out of style, once you’ve set up your foyer space, you can leave your worries behind. A light wallpaper combined with blue and white porcelain elements, and a minimal console table, create the perfect classic and timeless look.


Talking about a white porcelain element, did you check out our Carthage Pierced Covered Lantern? It’s a beauty!


  1. Bring in Patterns

Generally, foyers are aren’t wide enough or long enough to add a lot of elements. So, in these small spaces you want to use large patterns. These large patterns trick your brain into thinking that the space is also bigger than it appears. This way, you have a well-lit, and good-looking foyer! Always remember: patterns tend to liven up a room, but only the right ones!


 12 Foyer Decor Ideas You Should Know About!


  1.  Go Monochrome

Going against the idea of minimalism, where “less is more”, you might want to explore the entire range of “more is more”. The idea here is to go all in, say with the entire foyer being the same color. Pick a soft color to ensure that your foyer doesn’t look dark and scary. Colors like blush pink, light blue, or Pantone Cool Gray 10 U would be the nicer options.


  1. Show your Love for Antiques

If you are the kind who loves all things old, then we’re sure you’d love for your foyer to also show a unique sense of antique. But just because you’re going to go down the antique road, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a sober look. You want to use a color palette that keeps everything looking light and calm. For this, you want to paint your foyer a nice shade of white, and then add in your antique pieces.


Check out this really cool piece that you could add to your antique foyer decor.


  1. Get Tiling

If you want to stand out, then tiling your foyer is the way to go. A great way to execute this plan is by laying Moroccan tiles with your regular tiles. This will not only add a bit of color to your foyer, but instantly light it up with its lovely combination of patterns and colors. They’ll go well with an otherwise minimal decor on the walls.


  1. An Eclectic Foyer

This one is probably one of the most uncommon styles being used in home decor. Following the eclectic design path would mean to keep a close on the details, since different art forms from different periods are used in one place. The use of textures, colors, finish, and shapes, all belonging to a different period are used, creating a unique style.


There you have it!

Twelve amazing foyer decor ideas that you can choose from for your home decor project.

Good luck!

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