Blue Flora Ceramic Kettle
Blue Flora Ceramic Kettle
Blue Flora Ceramic Kettle
Blue Flora Ceramic Kettle

    Blue Flora Ceramic Kettle

    Rs. 3,099.00 Rs. 4,999.00
      About The Product

      Kitchen accessories for a minimalist who has a soft spot for pop inside.

      Product Description :

      • Minimalism and Pop are two major American art movements of the 1960s—Pop art and Minimalism. While these two art movements are typically seen to represent opposing artistic responses to the legacy of Abstract Expressionism. Minimalist Pop highlights points of common conceptual approaches and mutual exchange.
      •  Our Blue Floral Ceramic Kettle is highly inspired by the combination of these two popular art movements. This white ceramic kettle has small intricate details of blue flowers and leaves all over, done by a decal printing technique. With a jute handle and a lid matching the elegant print on the kettle, you might find yourself leaving this charming piece on your kitchen counter or display cabinet for beautification.
      • Bold colors, daring contrasts, elongated handles, and sleek curved lines all combine to create a modern elegant aesthetic. Each piece is designed and shaped based on how the hand interacts with it, creating a comfortable hold. Durable and ultra-fancy Perfect for your home, weddings, corporate events, restaurants and every outing where you are aiming to impress.

      Styling Tips :

      • You can charm your guests during a tea or garden party by using our blue floral ceramic kettle. 
      • Beautify your kitchen counter with this kettle as a delicate beautifying element.
      • You can also use the kettle as a precious piece to showcase in your crockery cabinate

      Specifications :

      • Material: Ceramic
      • Size:  
      • Technique: Decal Printing technique
      • Weight: 500-700 grams

      Features :

      • Made of fine porcelain
      • Comes with a metal strainer inside
      • Comes with a comfortable handle

      Gift Box Contains :  The Gift Box that the Artment sends with the products consists of the safely packed kettle .


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