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The beauty in perspective comes from the hidden artist deep in our souls.These plates are for people who have wide minds and are in love with luxury!

Product Description :


  • Surrealism was and still is a very controversial art form. It gives you a passage to think and imagine various things from a creative perspective. This creative freedom makes Surrealism a fluid art form. Typically, this art is to express the creativity of the unconscious mind.
  • Lightning Plates are inspired by this phenomenon called Thunder. The unconventional and unique design that we see on each and every piece of Lightning Plate can be highly related to different design elucidations by numerous artists of the Surrealism period, because each and every thunder clash is unique just like each and every artist has a different perspective.
  • Made by Decal Printing Technique and Metallic Glazing, these plates redefine luxury. Made of fine Porcelain and gilded embellishments. These plates have two variations - Black Thunder and White thunder and two size variations.

Styling Tips :
  • You can charm your guests and give them a higher level of dining experience with the Luxurious Lightning Plates.
  • Beautify your kitchen by displaying the Lightning collection.
  • Can be used for fine dine events small or large in context.
  • Can be used in fine dine restaurants.
  • These plates can also be used to serve starters and desserts. 
  • Best pantone shades that match with the plates are - 2347 C (Red), 16-0836 TPX (Rich Gold), 429 C (Grey), White


Specifications :

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size: Small- 7", Large- 10"
  • Technique: Decal Printing technique
  • Weight: 500-700 grams

Features :

  •  Material: Porcelain
  • Size:  Small (7 in) ,Medium (10 in)
  • Technique: Decal Printing technique
  • Weight: 500-700 grams

Gift Box Contains :

 The Gift Box that the Artment sends with the products consists of the safely packed selected lightning plate.

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