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Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home!

by Tulsi Kadakia on October 16, 2020

We’re all different. We deal with stress, happiness, sadness, and other emotions in a different way. But there’s nothing that comes beyond the feeling of coming home to home decor you love.

Inside your ideal space, it becomes easy to relax and be yourself.

Now, we know that some people resonate with home decor styles, but some would want to design their home based on their zodiac sign. There’s a certain effect that the stars have on people and we’re going to help you create a perfect home depending on your zodiac.


  1. 20th January – 18th February – Aquarius

In general, the Aquarius does not bind themselves to any kind of rules. It’s quite possible that the idea of creating an idea home decor, might stir up some stress. But, hey! We got you! We’d suggest you try and incorporate your personal sense of style into your home and you’ll have the perfect interior decor. A statement piece, in terms of artwork, furniture, lighting, or literally just a painted wall will bring you that Aquarius peace you require in your home.

 Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home! 

This art deco inspired chair is super cute and eclectic.

If you like this style, you could check out our blog on how to create Art Deco Inspired Bedrooms.


  1. 19th February – 20th March – Pisces

Pisces, as far as I know, prefer calm and soothing atmospheres. Since you’re attracted to water elements you must try and incorporate these elements into your home decor. Whether you pick the hues of blue in terms of mirrors, bedsheets, a statement wall, or just a tiny fountain, you’d be able to feel peace. A small reminder of water goes a long way!


What do you think about incorporating this beautiful Aqua Mosaic Mirror in your living room or bedroom?

Aqua Mosaic Mirror - The Artment


  1. 21st March – 19th April – Aries

For you guys, home decor has to become something simple. Easy breezy is the definition of your style, which means any more stuff than required is going to make you feel like you’re trapped. For whatever furniture you decide to bring into your space, you want to make sure that the arrangement is such that there is more space to roam around. An open-space concept, if you will. This kind of arrangement of furniture, accents and accessories if going to make things and life easy for you.

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home!


  1. 20th April – 20th May – Taurus

Mostly attracted to all of the aesthetic items, you are easy to please with the hues of greens and browns. The earthy tones have you becoming happy and feeling satisfied in no time. The perfect way to add these tones to your otherwise light and white space would be to include a nice, some throw pillows, maybe some accents, or a mirror.


That’s right! How about you just add a simple and earthy Hazel Mosiac Mirror?

 Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home!

We promise it’s going to look superb!


  1. 21st May – 20th June – Gemini

Considering you’re the first air sign in the zodiac list, it’s obvious that you guys are always in need of a breath of fresh air. Fun is your agenda and you’re not one to take things seriously. Should your home decor reveal this about your personality? Absolutely! Your maximalist kinda style wants to explore the whimsical palette and we know it! Add some crazy patterns here and there with some bold designs, colorful, and convenient. There’s just so much that a Gemini can do!


Take a look at this super cool, bright, and fun arrangement!

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home! 

The Artment’s Cushion Cover collection worth checking out for all the Geminis!


  1. 21st June – 22nd July – Cancer

Cancerians are supposed to have a super comforting style and love to be reminded of the old memories. You want to create a space that is filled with warmth and comfort along with all the modern features. The house has to be in order and have hues of gold, indigo and orange. Indoor plants, whether herbs or flowers, will bring a certain balance into your life, so make sure you have enough space to accommodate these!

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home! 


  1. 23rd July – 22nd August – Leo

All you guys want in life and for your home is a sufficient amount of natural lighting. It keeps you calm and functioning. So, try to create space that are bright and open, spaces that let you breathe. But then again, you are also drawn to loud and vibrant palettes, so to be able to merge these two aspects would be a beautiful scene to see! Soft and natural lighting plus a bright decor will be the elements that lift your mood!


See how cool a Leo’s home will look once done?

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home!


  1. 23rd August – 22nd September – Virgo

You like being in control. So, we’re going to take a wild guess, and say that you’ll be able to design a home that is exactly what you want, no matter what anybody says. That said, you love earthy tones and want to have a space that ideally is wood and glass. A combination of functionality and eye pleasing is your motto, and this is how you’ll be at peace.

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home! 


  1. 23rd September – 22nd October – Libra

A Libra generally loves and appreciates balance. A home decor with some neutral colors like greys and pastels work beautifully for you. Indoor plants will lift your spirits, especially when paired with hues of blue! Not just this, a balanced look with a bunch of decor items create an impression on your guests that you absolutely live for!

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home! 


Checkout some of The Artment’s Decor Accents!


  1. 23rd October – 21st November – Scorpio

Subtle lights and candles are a must for a Scorpio’s home decor. Since you guys appreciate your privacy you might want to include light partition walls or have thick curtains to block the outside world. You also love random pieces of artwork, soft cushions, accent walls, and tall candles.


Here’s a simple accent wall and a bunch of other stuff you’d probably want!

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home!




  1. 22nd November - 21st December – Sagittarius

The collection enthusiast that you are might leave you in a bit of a mess. So, you might want to consider having a special place where you can get away from it all and feel relaxed. When you create places that organize your clutter, you’ll feel better. Include a bunch of blue hues and yellow. A bit of orange spatter here and there might also be good for you! Add simple accessories and some indoor plants.

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home! 


  1. 22nd December – 19th January – Capricorn

There’s not much that a Capricorn needs to feel at peace in their home. A simple and minimalistic home, with only the essentials will be perfect for you. You’ll probably love to have some grey and green tones, with some bright florals and cool lamps. Try to find pieces that are traditional and modern, ideally made of wood. Keep the home decor easy and you’ll do well!


Look at how gorgeous and simple this kitchen is.

Spaces that Make each Zodiac Sign Feel at Home!


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Did you find your home decor idea worth it?

Let us know!


Happy Home Decorating to You!


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